V-Bright PRO® Artist - $5000 VALUE
V-Bright PRO® Artist - $5000 VALUE
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V-Bright PRO® Artist - $5000 VALUE

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Purchase the V-Bright PRO® Artist for $3000 and get this powerful card fully loaded with $5000 in purchasing power.

SAVE LIKE A BOSS! The science behind the success of V-Bright PRO® depends on using precisely the right technique and the right tool, every time. Of course, specially formulated creams, cleansers, and other formulas are important too, to ensure healthy healing while keeping the skin youthful and glowing. You know what you need, so why not save like a boss? Use the card to purchase any items in our V-Bright PRO® Inventory. Give your clients the best, while giving yourself something extra too - a whopping $2000 in savings!

Note: Love saving? Once you purchase $5000 worth of tools or supplies, simply pay $3000 to re-load your card for another $5000.

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