What product to use for microblading removal?

It is understandable that some will have ink or tattoo regrets. For those who want to erase these mistakes, Saline Tattoo Removal is recommended. It is a natural and non-toxic solution to microblading or tattoo removal and is good for any type of skin. It is recommended for sensitive skin types.

For a Saline Tattoo Removal to be successful, it is highly recommended to use World Microblading’s product – the Saline Paste. By using the Saline Paste, the ink or tattoo removal will not leave any marks. The Saline Paste removes the ink colors most of the time (sometimes multiple sessions are required for optimal results) and lifts up and expels the ink through the surface of the skin without removing the skin hair. 

Also, just recently, World Microblading launched it’s very own Saline Removal and Tattoo Correction Kit that goes with an exclusive online training. The kit is 100% effective on all types of skin, regardless of location, age, and color. It includes the Saline Paste, a Sterile Soft Shading tool and an After Care Box. 

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